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  • FinTech As A Service

    Our World-class Technology that Enables Credit, Payments, Disbursements, Savings and Insurance in the Emerging Markets.
    Combining Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, we partner with Local Businesses to deliver cutting-edge solutions as they focus on Business

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Moving beyond Mobile Money Success


Boosting Financial Inclusion in a Unique way


Affordable, Secure and Relevant World-Class..

Mobile Credit for Women in Business

Kinda App gives Women access to credit so as to grow their business. Signified Group International provides this service in Kenya, Congo and Zambia

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Mobile Payroll for Informal Workers (Coming soon)

Janta is designed to simplify the task of tracking and making instant payments to informal workers through a Mobile App

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Savings and Investments for Millenials

Akiba App enables Users to invest at 10% rate and earn interests from their Locked Savings

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Digital Finance for Gen Z

Lakt App offers Financial Management and Literacy for Gen Z in a fun way

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